Introducing Antwerp


We are a group of 6 Belgian radio students, studying journalism at the Plantijn Hogeschool in Antwerp. We’re in our 3th Bachelor now.
We’ve been making radio since September 2012 and are looking forward to welcoming you in March!

Antwerp team

Jolien Baeke enjoys playing and listening to music. She also has her own radio show, focusing on Belgian music, at a local radio station in her hometown. She has a student’s room in Antwerp, but because she has lots of other activities in her hometown, she doesn’t always stay there.

Jasser Keustermans entertains 6-17 years old children at his scouting movement. He also likes listening to, and discovering new pop music. He lives at his student’s appartment in the centre of Antwerp.

Katrien Baelus is 22 and she loves making radio. She’s looking forward to work on this project and is excited to meet new people at the same time.

Tom Tiepermann especially enjoys listening to good music, and as such radio is the medium of choice for him! He also likes watching and talking about football and spending time with friends.
Tom is looking forward to spend some quality time in the studio and perhaps make some international friends.

Ellen Van Hoegaerden is 20 years old. She’s basically broke all the time, because all of her money goes to buying new records and going to gigs and such. But thats ok.

Mattias Goossens is a 20 years old student who loves music, photography, movies and travelling. Sometimes he reads a book. Sometimes he doesn’t.

PS: as soon as we begin our second semester, we’ll provide you with a picture of us!

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  1. Hello Antwerp team! I have posted your picture in this post too. I hope that you don’t mind!
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