Team Tbilisi – Georgia!

Hello everybody! We are international team from Tbilisi, Georgia (Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management of GIPA) [youtube] Here you can listen to our radio PILOT, where we talk about food safety, history and popular Georgian dish KHACHAPURI Team Georgia – PILOT Radio program by: Said Babazade, Sopho … Continue reading

Spanish Team!

Hello! გამარჯობა! Hola! We are the Spanish team and in the following video we introduce ourselves a little for you guys to know us a bit better (including our moms) before our radio adventure starts. We are only one week way from our radio adventure in Georgia and we wanted to share with you a … Continue reading

Travel Time – Georgia

Travel Time – is a Friday evening radio program. It tells interesting stories about different places and gives to listeners interesting information and advises. This time we will introduce Georgia, its culture, traditions with modern features, through this paintings.

Austria and Wally

We want to give you an insight into Vienna and its history through a painting. Wally is a painting from artist Egon Schiele, which has an interesting story. The story behind this painting is one of a kind. It involves passion, war, law and art – curious? Here you go: … Continue reading

Las Meninas from SPAIN

Las Meninas from SPAIN

Last month we have been preparing for you a very interesting feature And we are really looking forward to hearing yours. Supporting our team we count with María Ruiz de Loizaga, Daniel Mora Gómez and Museum of the Prado conserver José Manuel Matilla. Entertainment, culture, History and fun. Now you … Continue reading

Antwerp at the movies

Get to know Antwerp by its wonderful filmindustry. We made a program where we show you Antwerp at its best. It’s influenced by two movies that were completely shot in this city. This way, you get an idea of what Antwerp looks like and where to go visit. Link below. … Continue reading