senses of Eskişehir: Group 2

Hey y’all! We are Steve, Evin, Lucy, Tanita and Itziar. We invite you to discover Eskisehir with us, its taste and smell, trough this fairy tale. Princess Basak and prince Frankie are ready,  the adventure has started. Steve Bosmans, AP Hogeschool Evin Suleyman, Anadolu University Lucy Sánchez, Anadolu University Tanita … Continue reading

Find Your City

Hi Everybody! This is our international programme “Find Your City” Group 3: Dylan Van Rooy (Belgium), Plamena Krumova (Bulgaria), Eka Magaldadze (Georgia), Elif Yilmaz (Turkey) and Marina Alonso Mantolan (Spain)     We hope you enjoy Find Your City =)  

Flying senses

You are going to hear and feel our story of Eskisehir. Music works as a magic in a way it soothes, arouses, saddens, excites, inspires, surprises, romanticizes and even glorifies people and we want you to feel this. Besides feeling also hearing is a very important sense in our program. … Continue reading