Team Georgia

Here you will listen to the feature of the Georgian Team. A personal and creative feature with lots of personal and human interest stories.

Team Spain – RadioLab

Hola from Madrid! We are Team Spain: Marta Izarra, Marta Fernández, Guille Sacido, Jorge Gordon, Patricia Charro and Susi Castelo. Here you can enjoy our Feature about the Spanish immigration with the collaboration of Cadena SER, Real Instituto El Cano and the International Organization for Migrations. Photo: Susana Castelo, Marta … Continue reading

Team Bulgaria

Hello! We are Team Bulgaria. This is the human story of Vu Nguyen – a multicultural and multinational man, real epitome of the term “citizen of the world” , who has agreed to share his life story for our radio project. We decided to approach the subject of our workfrom a different perspective. … Continue reading

Team Germany

Hallo! We are Team Germany and here you can listen “Welcome” a radio feature by students from the Europe -University Viadrina There are of course sad moments as well. For example what happens daily, how they are treating refugees in foreign offices. Another example, when we went to a club in … Continue reading