Team Spain – RadioLab

Hola from Madrid! We are Team Spain: Marta Izarra, Marta Fernández, Guille Sacido, Jorge Gordon, Patricia Charro and Susi Castelo. Here you can enjoy our Feature about the Spanish immigration with the collaboration of Cadena SER, Real Instituto El Cano and the International Organization for Migrations. Photo: Susana Castelo, Marta … Continue reading

Team Germany

Hallo! We are Team Germany and here you can listen “Welcome” a radio feature by students from the Europe -University Viadrina There are of course sad moments as well. For example what happens daily, how they are treating refugees in foreign offices. Another example, when we went to a club in … Continue reading

senses of Eskişehir: Group 2

Hey y’all! We are Steve, Evin, Lucy, Tanita and Itziar. We invite you to discover Eskisehir with us, its taste and smell, trough this fairy tale. Princess Basak and prince Frankie are ready,  the adventure has started. Steve Bosmans, AP Hogeschool Evin Suleyman, Anadolu University Lucy Sánchez, Anadolu University Tanita … Continue reading

Find Your City

Hi Everybody! This is our international programme “Find Your City” Group 3: Dylan Van Rooy (Belgium), Plamena Krumova (Bulgaria), Eka Magaldadze (Georgia), Elif Yilmaz (Turkey) and Marina Alonso Mantolan (Spain)     We hope you enjoy Find Your City =)  

The Spanish Team

Hi everyone! We are the Spanish team from CEU San Pablo University, in Madrid. We all study Media Communication, and we also combine these studies with Journalism or Advertising. We share our passion for the radio, and that is why we decided to live this adventure with all of you … Continue reading

Team Antwerp present

Hi everybody, or what we would say in Flemish: Goeiedag. We are six students from the AP College of Antwerp (Belgium). We study journalism but we all have a passion for radio. And that’s why we form a team. Our first guy is Matthias. He describes himself as a social and … Continue reading

Pilot Team Antwerp

Hi everybody, We are seven students from the AP College in Antwerp. We present Antwerp through the eyes of three young people in our twenty minutes program. Kara who is in Antwerp on Erasmus then we have Ivan, a Bulgarian immigrant and Jules a pure-bred inhabitant of Antwerp. We hope … Continue reading