The Spanish Team

Hi everyone! We are the Spanish team from CEU San Pablo University, in Madrid. We all study Media Communication, and we also combine these studies with Journalism or Advertising. We share our passion for the radio, and that is why we decided to live this adventure with all of you in Turkey.

We are very excited to learn as much as possible and to have fun together!

Spanish team


This is Marina, a funny and outgoing girl, curious as a journalist. She loves to travel, extreme sports and cheese. Water is her natural element.



Say ‘hello’ to Paloma. She’s a lover of nature and of all the different cultures that connect us as human beings. Her favorite color is purple.



We introduce you to Itziar. She’s hard working and passionate about political Journalism. Itziar is always up to enjoy time with her friends and family. She likes to travel. She’s a fashionable girl since she was born.



This is Leyre, a friendly girl and an Art lover. She’s into Advertising and she likes to dance. Leyre is in love with chocolate.



Nice to meet you all and see you in Turkey!

All the best,

The Spanish Team!