Team Georgia

Here you will listen to the feature of the Georgian Team. A personal and creative feature with lots of personal and human interest stories.

Welcoming Culture in Germany

Click and download the document to discover Europe on-Air project in Berlín, the migration history of the country and Frankfurt. By Mila Schmolke, YCBS. welcoming culture in Germany-EuropeOnAir-Project  

Hello from Belgium

Team Antwerp is ready to enjoy the Project! Check this video and discover the backstage of the pilot sent by the team for this edition. Don’t miss the chance to know all the Belgian participants. We are sure you will all enjoy the excitement of the days before the meeting in Berlin.

Team Bulgaria

Hello! We are Team Bulgaria. This is the human story of Vu Nguyen – a multicultural and multinational man, real epitome of the term “citizen of the world” , who has agreed to share his life story for our radio project. We decided to approach the subject of our workfrom a different perspective. … Continue reading

Flying senses

You are going to hear and feel our story of Eskisehir. Music works as a magic in a way it soothes, arouses, saddens, excites, inspires, surprises, romanticizes and even glorifies people and we want you to feel this. Besides feeling also hearing is a very important sense in our program. … Continue reading

Turkish team

Hello everyone! Here is a short information about Turkish team.And, here is our program! Have fun!

Hello world!!!

Hello world!!!

This a post to introduce to everybody the IP Europe On Air website. My name is Paco Núñez, I am a Journalism teacher at CEU Cardenal Herrera University, in Valencia, Spain, and I am the web master of our website. In the premeeting that we celebrated here in Valencia on … Continue reading