Hello from Valencia!

Hello everybody! We are the team from Valencia (CEU Cardenal Herrera University).

Here is our radio programme “Spain On The wave”.

We hope you like it. Best regards.

Enjoy It.



Marina Valdés Valiente (Screenwriter and narrator)

Alejandra Ramis Parera (Screenwriter and narrator)

Rebeca Casco Valero (Screenwriter and narrator)

Carlos Francés Bataller (Screenwriter and narrator)

IP Professors:

Dra. Prof. Kety Betés Rodríguez (Producer and sound technician)

Dra. Prof. Anun Ramírez Queralt

Dr. Prof. Francisco Nuñez Romero Olmo


One thought on “Hello from Valencia!

  1. Dear Spanish students and colleagues

    Thank you so much for being the brave, courageous first group to introduce their pilots to this year’s project.
    I hope everybody will listen to it with the same amount of enthusiasm that you show in making it! I’ll certainly do.
    See you soon in Sweden!

    Nadia Vissers, coach from Antwerp

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