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REC RADIO is a radio show part of the IP EUROPE ON AIR ( Here is our pilot program where you can learn more about secondhand clothing, eco-friendly fashion decisions and recycling of clothes. The topic relates to sustainability and ecological consciousness in Europe.

Our goal is to show you that fashion is not only about appearance and beauty, but that it can be environmentally-friendly as well.

 Members: Sofia Bergström, Teresa Díaz, Ellen Van Hoegaerden, Stela Mihaylova, Yunuz Tabqkoglu

 Here you can download our programme:


Zaz – Je veux

Black Box Revelation – I think I like you

Johnossi – Gone Forever

Lori Meyers – Sus nuevos zapatos

Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis – Thrift shop

 Instrumental for the report by So called crew/Trasher –

Втора употреба (